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​Mike Massey is the stone that the builder refused.  Growing up in Roxbury, Massachusetts, as a multi-racial individual, Mike was forced to overcome his fair share of obstacles. Witnessing firsthand what crime, drugs, low income, poor performing schools, domestic violence and losing friends to either the prison system or street violence, can lead to; Mike quickly learned that the ability to BREATHE and stay calm would save his life. Mike was always known for quick wits and a broad imagination, so he constantly dreamed of better days, not just for his loved ones and himself, but for his community as well.

​During the summer of 2014 Mike enrolled in a yoga teacher-training program at South Boston Yoga. He trained intensely under David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund (the owners of South Boston Yoga).  During training he was able to master the areas of: Asana instruction and assistance, Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Self-study, Health and Nutrition, Sutra reading,  as well as Yoga history & philosophy.  As soon as the ink was dry on his certification Mike took to the streets; literally teaching any and everywhere.  Teaching yoga to anyone who would listen.  Mike’s name is now synonymous with the word “YOGA” in Boston and surrounding areas.

Mike teaches in sports clubs, health centers, medical facilities, museums, schools, detention facilities and public parks.  Mike’s passion is to open his own facility and work directly with athletes.  However his favorite settings to teach in are among the elderly and the children. In fact Mike recently took on a full time position teaching yoga at The Brooke Charter School in the same neighborhood that he was raised in. Teaching yoga to scholars from kindergarten to 8th grade. Mike also enjoys having the availability and resources to teach a few classes free of charge to folks in his community that lack resources to otherwise enjoy yoga.  Mike is extremely proud to have launched his first ever 200 hour YTT during the summer of 2017. He looks forward to training more people to teach yoga as well. 

I want to extend a special "thank you" to my friends and family over at WHDH Boston. I grew up watching Urban Update when my uncle Therman Toon [RIP] was a photographer for the show.  This episode helped launch  my career after a hard year of pushing along the yoga path... 

check out Urban Update on:


*the social media handles at the end of this video are no longer active*

...shortly after the boost of confidence coming off of the Urban Update interview, I touched base with an awesome yogi whom I admired from her social media presence.  I heard she would be conducting an Inversions Workshop in Boston. I purchased a ticket and learned so much from the session.  I want to extend gratitude, light and love, to sister Sanaa aka Lady Dork.  Your assistance and teaching from this workshop defeated many fears that I had about inversions, it pushed me along my path...


...Another year later, after working in so many locations it would make your head spin; I finally got a chance to "take my show on the road."  I met with a cool brother named Carlton Mackey, he is affiliated with Emory University in Atlanta, and a great movement known as Black Men Smile.  We collaborated our efforts and put on a free yoga session on a rainy night in Georgia.


Teaching Yoga to over 500 young people who were gearing up to begin summer employment opportunities, was simply breathtaking... I would love to extend tons of gratitude to Thaddeus Miles for showing me what giving back to build up the community really feels like.

Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.” – B.K.S. Iyengar



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Born Bi Kim

200 HR YTT Graduate class of August 2017

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Jaliek Bishme Allah Barnes Knight

Best Friend - Brother - Fallen Comrade

Rest In Peace: August 16, 1980 ~ May 23, 2016

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"Yoga Mike offers a totally comprhensive yoga teacher training. He is well versed in the Sanskrit Yoga meanings and their complimentary (asana) poses. He always finds ways via analogy and anectdotal life experiences to make learning simple to grasp. While the training is  intensive both mentally and physically demanding. Yoga Mikes ability to succintly teach both the major peices of the mat/non-mat related components of yoga was very well done.  He experty guided us (the students) through all of our individual challenge areas as he taught us about intricacies of our works philosophical and possible cultural challenges. He answered all our questions and prepared us for everything we would face as yogis and people on a new paths towards true health and wellness."

"I grew up playing football from the age of 8 until I stopped playing at 32. When it came to getting in shape it was always the standard issue lifting weights, running and stretching. Practicing Yoga was not on the radar. Then one night at a banquet I heard Mike speaking about what Yoga did for him which led to him becoming a Yoga instructor. I called him up and I attended my first Yoga class. I didn't really know what to expect but, what I got out of it was amazing. The combination of the mind and body spoke to me. I was at peace and feeling whole and in tune with the universe. All of it had to do with Mike and his instruction. Mike was with us. He made me feel like anything was possible and it was ok to move at your own pace. You can tell Mike believes in his students and willing to show them the way. His way of teaching spoke to me and because of Mike I believe in the transformative power of Yoga. Mike is successfully introducing Yoga to a community that is not your typical Yoga audience because he is one of us people respect and trust him. Beyond that he's one hell of an instructor."

[Yoga Mike] "...a self made man who happens to be a good friend.  I assisted you in building a brand from the ground up. While others was stuck in their own way, hating or looking for a handout, you took it upon yourself to trust in your own greatness and 'jumped out the window' to become Boston's best yoga instructor.  Proof is in the pudding.  Go ask anyone who has taken his class. No wolf-tickets sales here.  I have a few people in mind when i use the hashtag - #returnoftheking - you are one of them. Build up your neighborhood... Hate is a thing for weak minded peasants we are above that so I salute all of your efforts and want to wish you much success moving forward.  They don't see the hours you put in, the cold winter bike rides from Downtown to Roslindale; I DO..."

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Sunday April 29, 2018 was a monumental milestone for the 33 Degree Yoga family.  Every year the wonderful organization known as: Yoga Reaches Out - founded by our dear friend Sarah Gardner of Wayland MA. - holds an event in Foxborough MA.  "Foxborough" may sound familiar to those of you outside of the New England region.  Foxborough is the town where Gillette Stadium is located, home of the world famous New England Patriots. 

For the past 3 years Mike Massey -Founder of 33 Degree Yoga- has volunteered his services as an Adjuster. Adjusters assist the yoga practitioners as they maneuver through the sequence. Each year Mike was blown away by the energy and support for such a worthy cause. Each year Mike has pushed to have more folks from his neck of the woods attend the event.

Yoga Reaches Out harnesses the incredible power of our community to help families and sick children. This event is a life changing, world changing event.  It is a day filled with inspiring presenters, friends, fundraising and the power of seva. (Seva translates to SERVICE).  In the name of SERVICE the aim is to unite 1000 yogis to raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital. 

This year was a win-win-win situation.  Mike was able to convince more folks from his side of town to attend and raise funds for the event. Mike also was ecstatic to be part of the movement that finally met the goal of 1000 yogis (1008 to be exact) all practicing together as one, but most exciting was the fact that Mike was selected to present a 20 minute flow during the morning session.  The light, love, and energy that was shared during this event was amazing. Mike and the 33 Degree Yoga team look forward to next years Yoga Reaches Out event. We hope you will join us too!