Real People...  Real Yoga.

Mike Massey aka - Yoga Mike - received his yoga certification in 2014 from David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund; owners of South Boston Yoga.  During his training, Mike studied the history, theory, and origins of yoga. He developed a special set of skills and a personal approach to delivering yoga to the masses.  Mike has experienced all of the ups and downs the city of Boston has to offer.  Mike is a life-long resident of Roxbury as well as a product of the Boston Public  School system.  

In 2008 he suffered a severe injury while playing in a football game.  The injury led him to dive deeper into his yoga practice in order to heal, as a result, he became who and what he is today. In 2017 Mike started a Registered Yoga School under his brand: 33 Degree Yoga - a company that he runs and operates with members of his community and his family as well. He started the RYS in order to certify other members of his community to be yoga instructors. The more he works with the community, the more he understands how much mindfulness and wellness are needed.

In 2018-19 this understanding led him again to the teachings of David Vendetti - except this time - David teamed up with Richmond Dickson, to start the N.E.S.T. (New England School of Therapeutics). After an entire year and 650+ hours of study, Mike became a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in structural integration. 

Mike is very vocal about his only regret when it comes to practicing yoga.  His only regret is: “I wish I started doing yoga as a child..." this is the very notion that fuels his passion to teach yoga to young scholars. Mike teaches with the understanding that the long term benefits of yoga will help shape the community and the yogis he works with; into amazing people and active members of the entire global community that we all share.

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