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Your Bodywork Questions

You Ask. I Gladly Answer.

What's the difference between Bodywork & Massage Therapy? 

The goals for massage and Bodywork are often very different. The traditional Swedish massage is usually about relaxation and focuses more on the surface; Bodywork is about aligning structure and improving long-term function. Both modalities are valuable, and one does not exclude the other.
The purpose of Bodywork is to change your structure and alignment so that it works more efficiently. When this happens, circulation is improved, tension is relieved, and the range of motion increases flexibility, energy, and movement ease.

What should I wear to my sessions? 

Your level of comfort is important. But it is just as important that we have full access to the areas we will be working on in each session.

FOR WOMEN – a two-piece bathing suit, or a bra and full coverage underwear/running shorts that allow for a full range of movement. Avoid sports bras that do not allow for full access to the spine.

FOR MEN – full-coverage boxer shorts, running shorts, or bathing suit is recommended.

Is Bodywork covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, this work is not covered by insurance. Please check your benefits carefully.

Will this be painful?

While Bodywork is intense, it is important to remember that the process is different for everyone. The key to positive sessions is to remember that as the client, you control the pace and the intensity of each session. Please communicate openly with us to ensure you have a positive experience.

As a Twelve Pack member, how long do I have to book my sessions?

The Twelve Pack membership expires after one year. The benefit is that you're able to schedule as far as you need. You can have your sessions monthly or have two a month - the choice is yours. 

At your initial session, you will discuss and book your sessions with Yoga Mike.

Your studio location has stairs and I can't climb them. Am I still able to participate? 


We have an alternate location at The Guild Works for all of our clients who aren't able to access stairs. 

The Guild Works is located at

260 Washington St. 

Dorchester, MA 02121

Why should I become a Twelve Pack member?

Great question! This allows Yoga Mike to build a custom plan for your body based on his observations and your personal history. 

PLUS...Our Twelve Pack members save about $440 per yea, get an extra 15 minutes per session on the table, and have the ability to schedule all 12 of their sessions at one time. 

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