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Yoga is for EVERYONE

We offer a variety of yoga classes. If you are looking for corporate yoga, please click the button below.

Child's Pose

Private Session

Treat yourself

Life sure has changed, and in some cases, become more complicated after the discovery of COVID-19. 
We have the perfect solution:
A private, yoga session. 
During this session you will receive the total attention of the instructor.

Tiny Group Yoga

Yoga class sized to fit just right

Styled mostly after a vinyasa format, TGY is a led class open to all levels of practitioners. The pace is set for a moderately vigorous level of practice with modifications given for every level from beginner to advanced students. Depending on the instructor, there may be hands-on assistance. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let your instructor know. 

The notion behind TGY is to create a better and safer experience for the client. Having a maximum capacity of just 4 students is perfect.

What if I am 1 solo student and I’d like to book the session for myself only?

In that case we’d advise you to register for a private one-on-one session we also have those available. Please check our listing of services.

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